String Quartet No. 1

Six Pieces for guitar duo

Petite Waltz for solo guitar

Sonata No. 1 for solo guitar

Fantasy for microtonal guitar

Kürdilihicazkar Saz Semaisi arrangement for microtonal guitar


Ağıt for solo guitar 

Serenade for orchestra

At the Party for solo guitar


Three Venezuelan Waltzes (Homage to Antonio Lauro) for solo guitar

Caprice No. 1 for oud

Fantasy for violin and guitar

Strongholds of Istanbul for solo guitar


The White Butterfly  for 13 String Koto and guitar- the work was dedicated to the Common Grain ensemble. It was premiered in New York City. The work was based on a traditional Japanese folk tale



Galactic Improvisations 0-1  for synthesizer

An August Night  for solo guitar- the work is dedicated to Amanda Kaya

Autumn Fantasy - for violin and harp- to Erman Türkeli and Meriç Dönük

Choro- for solo guitar

Kürdilihicazkar Saz Semaisi- traditional Turkish 

Asıl Yar- for guitar and 17 string koto, commissioned by Common Grain Ensemble. The work is theme and variations based on a Turkic folk song.

Salsa- for solo guitar

Wedding Duo (for violin and guitar) written for my wife Amanda Kaya


Longing for solo guitar

An Afternoon for solo guitar- the work is dedicated to Garrett Lee

Etude no. 2- the work is dedicated to Chad Ibison


Köyde Sabah by Cinüçen Tanrıkorur arrangement for solo guitar

Muhayyer Kürdi saz semaisi arrangement for solo guitar

Baiao for solo guitar- the work was dedicated for Brazilian guitarist Joao Luiz


Sonatina for solo guitar- the work was dedicated to Adam Holzman, It was performed in Boston Guitar Festival. 

Sonata for violin and piano- the work was dedicated to Elaine Ng, It was premiered in New York



A moment space for solo guitar

Trip to Baltimore for solo guitar

The Season of Rain for solo guitar

Prelude no. 2 for solo guitar

Mart'tan geriye kalan for solo guitar

Sonatina for flute and guitar

Winds from far east theme and variations for solo guitar

Theme and variations on pass et medio for solo guitar



Orenburg Şalı arrangement for solo guitar

Theme and variations on a nursery song for solo guitar

Nocturne for solo guitar

A little story suite for solo guitar

Çiftetelli for solo guitar

Dicle ve Fırat for trio (flute,guitar,cello) -the work was dedicated to the Common Grain ensemble in NYC



Folias Theme and Variations for rebab

The Water is Wide arrangement for solo guitar

Black is the Color of my true love's hair arrangement for solo gutiar

The Suite of the Witches for solo guitar

Uplands Wedding for three guitars

Chechen Girl arrangement for solo guitar

For Yen for solo guitar

Istanbul for solo guitar

Ada arrangement for solo guitar

All Night Dance for solo guitar

Samba in A minor for solo guitar

Samba in G major for solo guitar

Pavane for flute and guitar


Valse in D major for solo guitar

Valse in B minor for solo guitar

Ormanın Ruhu for solo guitar

Choro for solo guitar

Etude G major for solo guitar

Dream for flute and guitar

2012'ye doğru for solo piano


Valse for solo piano

Hazan for solo piano

Bilinmeyene özlem for cello and piano

Ihtiras ve vals for solo piano

Askerin rüyası for solo piano

Lied no 1 for voice and piano

Temmuzda beş gece (Five Nights in July) for solo guitar

Prelude no 1 for solo guitar

Kaçış for solo piano

Müstear Saz Semaisi arrangements for winds


Inventionen  for solo piano


Karaburunda gün batımı for solo guitar

Hicaz Saz Semaisi traditional Turkish 

Buse-i Suzidil Saz Semaisi traditional Turkish

Hüzzam Saz Semaisi traditional Turkish


Yasmin for solo guitar

Üç Kahraman Savaş Piotunun Öyküsü for four horns and timpani

Eşşek arılarının son tangosu for rebab and guitar